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  • n. Plural form of servicer.


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  • Wells Fargo & Co., one of the country's largest home lenders and loan servicers, is among the companies being targeted by Families Fighting Foreclosure.

    Marin Borrowers Unite Against Mortgage Firms

  • Experts in mortgage processes, housing law and bankruptcy say the practices employed by the big mortgage originators, securitizers and servicers is largely flawed, and that in some cases the basic process of how a loan came to be securitized and sold can be legitimately questioned.

    Obama Team On Furor Over Foreclosures: 'Problem For The Banks and Servicers To Fix'

  • : Despite repeated attempts and many hours of effort, many homeowners report they repeatedly get put on hold when they call servicers or bounced from one person to another without receiving any meaningful assistance.

    The Home Equity Theft Reporter

  • Ever since this current foreclosure crisis began, Congress has complained that the companies administering mortgages -- "servicers" -- have not done enough to modify home loans in ways that might prevent foreclosures.

    How Big Banks Want to Game the Mortgage Mess

  • Why was the program voluntary for "servicers" - most of them bailed-out banks? the bailout provisions included help for homeowners - I just wanted prevailing mtg. interest rates not a handout.

    Jeffrey Miron Explains The Economy

  • The OCC is also trying to persuade mortgage companies that collect payments from borrowers, known as servicers, into adopting new standards in how they deal with homeowners.

    A QUICK FIX: Bank Regulator's Easy Solution May Hurt Homeowners

  • You may remember her as being one of the few members of Congress to take up the cause of homeowners when this mess started to unravel, going so far as to call servicers on behalf of her constintuents.

    Richard Zombeck: Foreclosure Hearings Show Homeowners Who in Washington Cares

  • Remember, the servicers are the same fraudsters who are losing mortgage payments, sending foreclosure notices to the wrong homeowners, telling homeowners to skip payments so that they can qualify for modifications -- then stealing their homes, and in some cases delaying foreclosures in order to maximize late fees and penalties.

    L. Randall Wray: Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud: MERS's Smoking Gun, Part I

  • If those documents weren't properly passed along, then an investor who bought a piece of the mortgage or the company collecting those payments from homeowners, known as servicers, may not have the right to either the home or the mortgage.

    Homeowners Get The Boot For Bad Paperwork While Banks Get Millions For Same

  • Servicers estimate that, as a result of this effort, approximately 10 percent, or 45,000 homeowners, have called their servicers to see if foreclosure can be avoided.

    Text of Paulson Remarks


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