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  • adj. subordinate

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  • adj. Subordinate.

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  • Subordinate.


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Latin serviens, servientis.


  • The property burdened by the easement (your yard) is the "servient" tenement or estate (i.e., the land that

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • Iranians had had tried Monarchy (Shah) and he became sub-servient to the west, they tried ellected Mosadegh and he was toppled by the west, the north tried communist (Tudeh party) and they were sub-servient to Russia.

    Cairo protests:The west has a duty to nurture democracy | Observer editorial

  • Shah was kicked out Iran, because he was sub-servient of the West for 30 years and Mubarak will have the same destiney, because he is no different than Shah.

    Cairo protests:The west has a duty to nurture democracy | Observer editorial

  • • The land benefiting from an easement is called the dominant estate; the land burdened by an easement is called the servient estate.

    Up Against a Deadline

  • Government is broken and the only way to fix it is to force all of the self-servient Alpha-Hotels out of office and by Citizens Voting to Introduce a new A NEW AMENDMENT (the 28th ) that would limit their terms in office to only two (2) consecutive terms and then they must leave and then noot be eligible to run for office for four (4) years.

    Broken Government: Congressional pension plans

  • He takes their election out of context, not recognizing the U.S. push towards this "democratic" event and not recognizing that it was the withdrawal of economic support by the U.S. and its servient allies that led to the weakening of the government – and not that the support was withdrawn after the Hamas almost-government had become weakened and ineffective.

    The Hebrew Republic - Book Review

  • History has shown that men who wanted to be at the top of the ladder created religions to make women sub-servient so that they could create their heirarchies in which they could be the Alpha Males, and therefore have access to more women with whom they could sow their seeds.

    Think Progress » Cavuto to Krugman: ‘You Are Lying To People’

  • Zeropaid is a great P2P and file-trading portal with links to the current official and third-party servient apps for a whole whack of networks (Hotline, Carracho, Gnutella, Kazaa, etc), as well as good P2P/sharing news.

    Boing Boing: January 27, 2002 - February 2, 2002 Archives

  • Et dixit ad Abram, Cognoscendo cognosce quod peregrinum erit semen tuum in terra non sua: et servient eis, affligentque eos per quadringentos annos.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1

  • Wherefore it is not a Part or Species of, but rather an Instrument sub - servient to the Mathematics: No more is Synthesis, which is the manner of demonstrating Theorems in Contradiction to Analysis

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas


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