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  • Middle English forms of serviceable, service.


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  • Camp, but haveing cut his Knee was unable to be longer servisable at the works & had returned. he informed us that

    Original journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806

  • Nanny Eydent a true account of the coronashon, in case there had been any partiklars that might be servisable to her in her bisness.

    The Ayrshire Legatees, or, the Pringle family

  • I sent them with what fowle they had kill'd to the fort of the Island, where they might bee servisable unto the rest in carrying down the shipp & in bringing her to an anker right against Mr. Bridgar's house, to take on board his goods, which was accordingly don.

    Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson

  • At BEST, he's going to be a servisable backup or marginal starter (which is an enoumus leap of faith) and we have never devoted this much time or space to a marginal starter/backup.

  • DEAR MISS NANNY -- Miss Mally Glencairn would tell you all how it happent that I was disabled, by our misfortunes in the ship, from riting to you konserning the London fashons as I promist; for I wantit to be partikylor, and to say nothing but what I saw with my own eyes, that it might be servisable to you in your bizness -- so now I will begin with the old king's burial, as you have sometimes okashon to lend a helping hand in that way at Irvine, and nothing could be more genteeler of the kind than a royal obsakew for a patron; but no living sole can give a distink account of this matter, for you know the old king was the father of his piple, and the croud was so great.

    The Ayrshire Legatees, or, the Pringle family

  • I shall tell you: when I should ordaine an hooste to make warre, where were no hooste alredy, it should be necessarie to chuse all those men, which were most fitte and apte for the warre, so that they were of servisable age, that I might bee able to instructe theim, as by me shalbe declared: but when I would make my choise of menne in places, where a powre were alredy prepared, for suppliyng of thesame, I would take them of xvii. yeres: for as much as the other of more age be alredy chosen and apoincted.

    Machiavelli, Volume I


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