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  • n. A Java program, running on a Internet server, that generates web content dynamically in response to requests from clients.


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Blend of server and applet


  • I bet my salary that as server your teacher/tutor meant some J2EE server or web container such as Tomcat, JBoss etc that is able to run servlet which is supposed to received data from your mobile application, process it and return something back to your mobile apps.

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  • i want to make project in j2ee for submit ion for my BCA paper. so it is possible to make website in jsp without servlet's or servlet's is requred? also tell me jsp or servlet which is best.

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  • This file compiles to a servlet class that can be used in app engine (see the introduction post about clojure on app engine for a more detailed example).

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  • That is: www. tdcanadatrust·com/servlet/infosite. servlet.

    phishing attempt: hey bank, don't help, OK?

  • HttpJspBase. service [87] - 82: javax. servlet.http.

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  • HttpJspBase. service (HttpJspBase. java: 87) at javax. servlet.http.

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  • Through OSGeo, Chris Whitney was mentored by GeoServer developers to build JTileCache, a standalone web application for caching WMS tiles that works in any Java servlet container.

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  • HttpJspBase. service [87] - 80: javax. servlet.http.

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  • Much of this content is produced dynamically through the use of servlet technology and distributed web services.

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