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  • n. An extract of sesame seeds; a component of sesame oil.


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Isolated in 1893.


  • The oil in sesame is unsaturated, plus the nuts are high in a lignan called sesamin that blocks the absorption of cholesterol and even reduces the amount of cholesterol the liver produces.

    Hungry Magazine

  • Lignan sesamin, one variety of sesame oil, appeared to radically reduce cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and liver of rats.

    Dr. Maoshing Ni: Fats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • The seeds contain a number of beneficial minerals, and are also high in sesamin and sesamolin, two substances found to reduce cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Theaflavin, the polyphenol found in tea, and epicatechin (found in many fruits and vegetables), also showed positive effects, while other polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid (from coffee) and sesamin (from sesame seeds) had no effect.

    Winnipeg Sun

  • Supplement brands such as SesaMAX and SesaThin have 1,000 mg of sesamin and are generally regarded as safe.

  • A group of mice was separated and randomly assigned to four groups, fed a diet of sesamin, another plant compound (stanol ester), a combination of the two or a control diet.

  • However it's unclear if the sesamin consistently has these effects on cholesterol alone or if the other compounds are needed to help as well.

  • Additionally, sesamin is believed to help preserve lean muscle mass, which is particularly beneficial when dieting (especially those who've cut out carbohydrates), as a restricted diet may cause the body to break down muscle mass for use as fuel.

  • By optimizing the liver's fat-burning capacity, sesamin may promote fat loss and also decrease the body's fat storage capacity.

  • A Japanese study found that sesamin increases the activity of several liver enzymes that break down fatty acids.


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