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  • noun colloquial Short form of session. A period of time spent engaged in some group activity.
  • noun slang An informal get-together or meeting to perform a group activity. A sesh may or may not have a defined goal to accomplish but encompasses an implicit goal of a social bonding experience.
  • noun colloquial A period of sustained social drinking.
  • noun colloquial A period of sustained cannabis smoking.


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  • Quokka, if the morning sesh is too hard to begin with, perhaps a time later in the day, just to start with.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger lite.

  • So I’ll do a 25-30 min sesh 5 days a week on the tready, but I’m not running for anything like the majority of that time.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger Lite 26 Feb

  • I was actually surprised to learn that people still participate in "alleycats," since the whole "Save The Track Bike!" campaign had led me to believe the alleycat was extinct and had been replaced by the fixed-gear freestyle "sesh"--which itself only exists in order to provide raw footage for the proliferation of awkward stunting videos known as "edits."

    Jumping Through Hoops: What Does Everyone Have Against Hubs?

  • Most likely Hilton was rushing to a fixed-gear freestyle "sesh" where literally hundreds of points were on offer and she hoped to snag a few stragglers in the bike lane on the way, but sadly for her she was stopped before she could get there.

    The More Things Change: The Indignity of Protesting by Bicycle

  • One night, after a recording "sesh" (that's "session" for all you Squaresville residents), he fired up the VHS with a Miller HBO special, and proceeded to pause the tape after every "joke" to explain in detail the multi-layered cultural references contained within each smugly-delivered observo-nugget.

    Eli Braden: Dennis Miller's Got a Brand New Bag

  • However we're not in a rush, we believe there is a RIGHT persons for the job, so expect to be subjected to an extended hang out "sesh" in addition to a tryout. - News

  • Crom's sample-heavy metal assault is scheduled for a live WFMU "sesh" before skipping around the east coast and finally to Rockstar Bar in Brooklyn on Sept 13th


  • Maybe even a double sesh if you're feeling extra energetic.

    Where Spinners Deck Themselves Out

  • And a sesh has several meanings, the most literal of which is abbr = session.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Prepping for Pucka.

  • Lucy: Little did we know, my 20-year-old brother had some friends over, and probably the hottest of them all had just witnessed our full on jam sesh while he was walking to my house from his car.

    Natalie Fitts: Sister, Sister: Thanksgiving


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