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  • adj. being or feeling set or kept apart from others


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  • The dealbreaker in my book is a noticeably set-apart game logo, though ... which has ruled out some nice TF2 shirts.

    Let's Wear Things

  • Most survivors entered adulthood with striking disadvantages, and far fewer resources than average, leaving them to hardscrabble their way through college or the workforce, expanding their sense of being set-apart.

    Jane Devin: This Isn't About Michael Jackson

  • Some of my friends love to light candles and create a set-apart feeling.

    One Simple Act

  • The example I cited, ethnography, includes a set of ways to do just that, and other methodologies have solved the problem in other ways, some of which leverage the set-apart lab space, for example.

    Lying Online

  • At the very least, I cannot resist the siren call of flashbacks - in fact, when I'm having trouble with a story, I often try to fix it by going to random flashback, either in a new set-apart section, or just by going into something like, "the first time blah ever happened to blah blah, it was only because of blah blah blah."

    Ten Ways to Tell You're Reading a Hth/Betty Plotnick Story

  • David seemed different somehow, and that lonely, set-apart feeling that she had had ever since she came here to live was gone.

    Marcia Schuyler

  • It was in a cleared space, wearing a set-apart look.

    The Red Badge of Courage

  • The Amish eschew set-apart sacred places and buildings -- even churches.

    The Full Feed from

  • But hands-on management in the name of wildness itself rather than human appetite or aesthetics - the core distinction of what is happening here - is a change in how people relate to nature in set-apart corners of the world like Yellowstone.

    NYT > Home Page

  • But make sure that sexual immorality, or perversion, or covetousness is never once named among you, as becomes the set-apart people that you are,

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]


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