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  • n. Plural form of seventh.


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  • The Leafs also added a fourth-round pick, a fifth and two sevenths.

    Capitals, Coyotes improve most at NHL trade deadline

  • Gulfport's steady march north from the coast, which accelerated after Katrina and Rita ravaged the old city center, has been so pervasive that Evans says there are three Waffle Houses within five-sevenths of a mile of his house.

    For them, Earth Day was late in coming

  • Keller Williams included many Young songs in his sets when he was starting out, no doubt attracted to the composer's use of simple folk chords and wistful major sevenths.

    Rocking Roster Keeps Young at Heart

  • You know, he likes those strange sixths and major seconds and sevenths that I already got tired of along time ago.

    Mike Ragogna: Never Been Gone : A Conversation With Carly Simon

  • It's a simple, understated lyric, and because Webb wraps the emotion in the language of work and everyday things, it comes out all the more powerfully, especially when grafted to a melody that somehow manages to be subtle (all those minor sevenths) and bighearted all at once.

    I Love—Jimmy Webb?

  • Totals: Traded 1 player and 18 picks (2 second, 4 thirds, 5 fourths, 2 fifths, 1 sixth, 3 sevenths) for 14 players.

    Trading draft picks for veterans

  • Minors, sevenths, diminished, and other exotic chords that needed more than one finger to make were a challenge.

    Me, The Mob, And The Music

  • And the famous "Tempo Blues" theme at the center of the work, the ex-pat's melancholy (Gershwin indicated "Drunk" on one draft), echoes the opening; the keening long note gives way to another series of disjunct intervals, a tumbling of sixths and sevenths:

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • For every $1 of toxic assets that they buy from the banks, the FDIC will lend up to 85.7 cents (six-sevenths of $1), and the Treasury and private investors will each put in 7.15 cents in equity to cover the remaining balance.

    Jeffrey Sachs: Will Geithner and Summers Succeed in Raiding the FDIC and Fed?

  • So to answer your question, can a white man play jazz, I'd answer, sure, he can play polyrhythms and swinging sevenths, but race has long played a role in who'd hear it and, more importantly, whether what they heard was jazz.

    On reading narrowly


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