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  • n. Plural form of sexuality.


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  • "The psychological fallout from alternative sexualities is explored to subtle and penetrating effect in Lucía Puenzo's XXY, a study of teen angst that's grounded in more than simply nebulous emotion," writes Jonathan Holland in Variety of this Critics 'Week entry.

    GreenCine Daily: Cannes. XXY.

  • Instead of projecting his or her own values onto past forms of sexuality, acting like a tourist in the archive, the historian who embraces the alterity of past sexualities is offered the chance of enlightened awareness, of being simultaneously capable of history and metahistory.

    The Uses and Abuses of Historicism: Halperin and Shelley on the Otherness of Ancient Greek Sexuality

  • Because, you know, I think about sex a lot (um, I’m a feminist and a gender studies major with a concentration in sexualities … “duh” seems oddly appropriate), I’ve maintained multiple sexual relationships at once, I’ve had a hugely bad breakup, and my parents freak out about my sexual activity.

    percolating « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • Contrary to the prevalent view among sex educators, young people do not need to learn about a wide range of 'sexualities' and sexual behaviours; they do not need detailed information about the full range of contraceptive methods; and they do not need to be presented with a menu of sexual options from which they can make 'informed choices' when they feel they are 'ready' to become sexually active.

    Too Much Too Soon - Fear and Loathing in Sex Education

  • I love how he ` s playing with all these different kind of sexualities, and he ` s so modern, so new, so unique.

    CNN Transcript Dec 10, 2009

  • GSU is a fine school, but it is irresponsible not to question their use of taxpayer money in offering so many niche "sexualities" courses like

    Metro News |

  • Makes me think of those kids who'd join in with the gay bashing extra-hard at school because they were afraid that their sexualities would socially ostracize them.

    Alex Blaze: Gay Republicans Launch Homophobic Ad Against Barney Frank

  • Within this paradigm, there are not merely "lesser breeds," or genders, or sexualities, or classes.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Black GBTQ sexualities within African American culture are perceived to further threaten not only black male heterosexuality, but also the ontology of blackness itself, which is built on the most misogynistic and homophobic strains of Black Nationalism and afrocentricism that were and still are birthed, nurtured, and propagated in black churches and communities.

    Irene Monroe: Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant Was About Black Manhood

  • They lived openly, though under a code of silence about their sexualities.

    Wallace Best, Ph.D.: The History and Culture of the Black Church: Lessons from the Eddie Long Scandal


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