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  • adj. superlative form of shabby: most shabby.


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  • It\'s called the shabbiest of all lies, "Silent assertion."

    Energy and the Silent Lie: Part 16--Next Added 100 Million Americans

  • He told him that these two camps were about the worst and shabbiest he had ever seen during his year of travelling about Germany.

    Work Camp 10911 GW

  • I am spending time on eBay these days trying to replace the shabbiest of the ones in my collection, and also ever searching for numbers Six, Seven and Eight which I have only in bound-volume form, without their covers.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • On Friday, in the middle of the worst heatwave Russia's ever had, he paid a visit to one of the country's shabbier beaches in one of its shabbiest towns, Chelyabinsk, a porcupine of smokestacks near the border with Kazakhstan.

    Simon Shuster: Putin's Pee Joke: It Would Be Funny if it Weren't so Sad

  • So she picked the darkest, shabbiest alley she could find and curled up for a few hours of fitful sleep.


  • And where is the outcry over the fact that we are teaching kids with the shabbiest of examples by our own inactivity, blunting the sharpness of their heart-felt and justified curiosity about the state of the world we have created for them in the process?

    Bruce Kluger: From the Mouths of Babes

  • It's the shabbiest, most pathetic piece of journalism-for-hire I have ever read, and I am not excluding propaganda releases put out by China and Russia.

    Obama's Speech Heavy In Specifics And Direct Hits -- Thanks To McCain's Attacks!

  • This device is a darling of critics and pseudo-sophisticates, but it's the shabbiest cliche of all, and I have only scorn for creators who resort to it.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Some of the sellers are homemakers and they have a knack for taking the simplest and shabbiest item, and displaying it on a colored cloth and making it look appealing.

    Creating a Beautiful Home Without Decorating

  • The fall thus became what a senior hand called "sledgehammer time" - a 100 percent negative air-and-ground war aimed at reframing Clinton as a taxer, a spender, a liberal, a liar, a coward and, in its shabbiest moments, a possible Soviet sympathizer.



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