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  • adj. run-down, like a shack


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

shack +‎ -y


  • Fama says so many insane things that it becomes an art of Yglesias to pick something sane and claim that specific part is insane on a shacky basis.

    Matthew Yglesias » 20/20 Vision is Accurate

  • In those days Majuahal was just a sort of shacky small beachfront burg with a newly constructed pier for luxury cruise liners and a beach front strip of modest eateries, souvenir sops and the like.

    Magical Road Less Traveled

  • Susannah looked at its northeast arm and thought: Once there were barges on the river, and somewhere down that road there was a landing, and probably another shacky little town, mostly saloons and cribs, built up around it.

    The Waste Lands

  • But when Joanna wanted a thing she did not mind paying for it, and she had wanted Great Ansdore very much, though no one knew better than she that it was shacky and mouldy.

    Joanna Godden

  • "It does look shacky but it's home, and I love it, you bet," she said.

    The Second Chance

  • "Sir Knight, prithee tell me of what that marvellous shacky and rusty-looking armor of thine is made?"

    Rolling Stones

  • Josh Thompson of Lo Hud Journal takes a close look at Eddie Kunz's struggles for two seasons in the AFL along with his shacky starts in AAA and the majors.

    Mets Fever

  • I’ve seen many a shacky run-down residence with a sparkling, late-model luxury vehicle in the drive.

    “Would YOU like to be Queen for a day?” | clusterflock

  • i have a speech class .. and i been up there 2 times .. and i have messed up. .i get so nervouse that my voice start to get shacky ..

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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