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  • Bushes of chokecherry and serviceberry crowded close under the shade of the aspens.

    Western Man

  • Alice took John for a walk in the shade of the oak trees, to push the leaves around and look for buck-eyes.

    Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

  • Mateen and Isha had fallen asleep under the shade of the veranda, and reluctantly she shook them.

    Beneath My Mother’s Feet

  • Nazia laid Mateen on the grass in the shade of the palm tree and ordered Isha to keep an eye on him.

    Beneath My Mother’s Feet

  • I had got almost over Charlestown Common to Cambridge when I saw two Officers on Horseback, standing under the shade of a Tree. . .

    Angel in the Whirlwind

  • To a casual observer—and there are no observers more casually lazy than the press—it looked as if no one had shown up to hear Haley speak because all those weary Methuselahs were staying in the shade of the trees.

    How to Rig an Election

  • And right next to it, under the shade of the polka-dot umbrella, is a small brown-top only two centimeters out of the ground, and a bigger one next to that, and another—like a row of nested matryoshka dolls lined up on the downward curve of the slope.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • James Jessop was standing beside me in the shade of a yellow birch tree, his small hand curled around mine.

    The Killing Kind

  • While Amma cleaned and Shenaz kneaded dough, Nazia waited under the shade of the veranda, keeping Mateen and Isha occupied.

    Beneath My Mother’s Feet

  • Her eye, drawn horizontally on the plains, was now swept vertically, following the deep-green spires of spruce and pine, and the rock cliffs, which were a beautiful shade of red—like her North Carolina dirt, only peachier, with a dusting of sparkles when the sun glanced off the rock face.

    Plain Language


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