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  • n. A diorama
  • v. To practice moves without an actual opponent, often in front of a mirror.

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  • n. A box made of some hard, polished wood, and with a glass front, in which a framed easel painting is placed. The box protects both the frame and the pigment from injury by contact or by furnace or illuminating gas, while it does not interfere with a free exhibition of the picture.


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shadow + box


  • Reframe and restore old photos; create scrapbooks and shadow-box displays using old letters, tickets, newspaper clippings—anything that helps retell your family's story.

    Sole Survivors: Adult Orphans Preserve, Adapt Traditions

  • The one in the gilded shadow-box frame on the wall is of her parents; the other two atop the Baldwin piano, the one Helen doesn't play, are of her brothers and their brides.

    Nancy Ruhling: Astoria Characters: The Classic Educand

  • Build what is essentially a reverse shadow-box frame where the board from the board game is the front of the frame and the back of the frame is storage for the pieces and game accessories.

    Store Your Board Games By Displaying Them As Art | Lifehacker Australia

  • And we instantly went into our shadow-box shuffle, bobbing and weaving and feinting and smacking each other with soft, open hands.

    Dancing with the Devil

  • And I'm sure she wondered what in the world I was doing with them but I was making sure John had -- I made a little box for him, shadow-box after he ran for the Senate with different things in it -- and one of the things I put in it was the extra wedding ring.

    CNN Transcript May 17, 2009

  • In order to assemble Joseph Cornell's Dreams (Exact Change), Catherine Corman plumbed the letters and diaries of the shadow-box genius.

    Hot Type

  • I could not shadow-box in front of the narrow long mirror at first because it looked so strange to see a man with a beard boxing.

    A Farewell To Arms

  • Then while he sat on a beer keg until he should be in breath again the unwinded Spike would skip the rope -- a girl's skipping rope -- or shadow-box about the room with intricate dance steps, raining quick blows upon a ghostly boxer who was invariably beaten; or with smaller gloves he would cause the inflated bag to play lively tunes upon the ceiling of its support.

    The Wrong Twin

  • He's also into art history; several very shallow shadow-box constructions lining the wall hold miniature tributes to individual artists who have in some way influenced him, among them Adrian Piper, Gerhard Richter and Willem de Kooning.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Art history is another, seen in miniature shadow-box tributes to favorite artists.

    NYT > Home Page


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