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  • adj. comparative form of shadowy: more shadowy


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  • He was there in the late 70s; his New York was dirtier, shadowier, much less safe.

    Ming Holden: Jon Stewart, The Warriors, and My Dad

  • British-born and -based artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster skilfully skirt the boundaries between beauty and the shadowier aspects of humanity, playing with our perceptions as well as our notions of taste.

    Low-grade shadows | clusterflock

  • Surely somewhere inside your white, white skin there curls the smallest of womannikins, my essence given into your keeping, so that the Julilla who lives next door in her awful and hateful bed is only a sucked-out and dried-up simulacrum growing steadily shadowier, fainter.

    The First Man in Rome

  • Dan about some other characters - some of the darker characters - but the elephant in the room was always that all of them had elements of the shadowier aspects of Gotham in them.

    Comic Book Resources

  • Although many of his songs reflect an incredible optimism, and often overflow with a sense of joy, kindness and purity, there is of course a shadowier side to human existence and he is unafraid to tackle this in his work.

    The Full Feed from

  • These days, shadowy groups and shadowier individuals are in the thick of it.

    The Seattle Times

  • For many readers, even sophisticated ones, Cavafy is a poet who wrote essentially two kinds of poems: daringly exposed verses about desire whose frank treatment of homoerotic themes put them decades ahead of their time, and make them gratifyingly accessible; and rather abstruse historical poems, filled with obscure references to little-known and confusingly homonymous Hellenistic or Byzantine monarchs, and set in epochs one was never held responsible for learning and places that fringed the shadowier margins of the Mediterranean map.

    'As Good as Great Poetry Gets'

  • The lighting of the street-lamps, which started one by one into existence, and the conflict with the fading daylight of the uneasily beating flame, that was swept from side to side in the wind like a woman’s hair — these things made his surroundings seem still shadowier and less real.

    Maurice Guest


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