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  • adv. In a shadowy manner.


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shadowy +‎ -ly


  • But gradually, one after another looming shadowily under their hoods, the crucifixes seem to create a new atmosphere over the whole of the countryside, a darkness, a weight in the air that is so unnaturally bright and rare with the reflection from the snows above, a darkness hovering just over the earth.

    Twilight in Italy

  • He hurried to it, thinking of the fine supper the kind-hearted farmers would doubtless give him, when, just as he reached the gate of the door-yard, there was a most blood-curdling uproar, and two or three furious dogs came bounding shadowily toward him.

    The Dozen from Lakerim

  • On the port bow there was a big one more distant and shadowily imposing by the great space of sky it eclipsed.

    The Secret Sharer

  • For the rest, faded and peaked, he hurried shadowily down to the club.

    The Lost Girl

  • And as she felt the returning pressure of his large, powerful, protective grasp, she covered -- but in imagination only -- she covered his face, which she could shadowily see, with brave and abandoned kisses; and she whispered to him, but unheard: 'Admit that I am made for love.'


  • They reveal Rousseau to us with a truth beyond that attained in any of his other pieces -- a mournful sombre figure, looming shadowily in the dark glow of sundown among sad and desolate places.

    Rousseau (Volume 1 and 2)

  • "Sunny spots of greenery," with the bell-towers of demolished cloisters shadowily showing above their trees; -- for in the days of the Republic nearly every one of the islands had its monastery and its church.

    Venetian Life

  • By which time, if we looked out again, we found the moon risen, and the ghost of dead Venice shadowily happy in haunting the lonesome palaces, and the sea, which had so loved Venice, kissing and caressing the tide-worn marble steps where her feet seemed to rest.

    Venetian Life

  • The first pair of hands are joined, with the palms together; while from behind the line of the shoulders, as if shadowily emanating therefrom, multitudinous arms reach out in all directions, vapoury, spiritual, holding forth all kinds of objects as in answer to supplication, and symbolising, perhaps, the omnipotence of love.

    Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan First Series

  • Praise of constancy, moreover, smote shadowily a certain inconstant, enough to seem to ruffle her smoothness and do no hurt.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith


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