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  • adj. used of hair; thick and poorly groomed


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  • They rode enormous horses, shaggy-coated and unkempt to Roman eyes, with big hooves skirted in long hair, and manes falling over their mild eyes; none was encumbered by a saddle, but all were bridled.

    The First Man in Rome

  • He had been sixteen by then, and it was in any case not the Way of the Sasenna to mourn even the passing of one's parents, let alone a shaggy-coated shepherd bitch with one blue eye.

    The Silicon Mage

  • There was life-no flitter in the skies, but rather there came at a steady pace wagons with covered tops and huge earth-crushing wheels pulled by teams of shaggy-coated four-legged animals that plodded steadily onward at a ground-eating pace.

    Flight in Yiktor

  • The white board fences looked out of place in the winter-drab landscape, and the horses grazing beyond them were shaggy-coated and dull.

    The Glory Game

  • The shaggy-coated sorrel blew out a nervous snort at the slick footing as it moved gingerly across the frozen lake, its pricked ears in a constant flux of direction at the ominous cracking sounds beneath its hooves.

    Leftover Love

  • Her fingers unconsciously retained their clasp on the reins as the shaggy-coated roan impatiently reversed the rest of the way out of the stall and walked as far as the long reins would allow.

    Leftover Love

  • Separating himself from the band of riders on shaggy-coated horses, Webb rode over to the Stanton house and dismounted.

    Stands a Calder Man

  • His shaggy-coated horse pricked its ears at the sight and picked up the pace.

    This Calder Range

  • The heat coming from the shaggy-coated horse warmed her legs.

    Ride the Thunder

  • A dozen head of Hereford cattle looked up as the shaggy-coated buckskin carried its rider toward them.

    Ride the Thunder


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