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  • n. A large, swift Asiatic falcon, Falco peregrinus peregrinator.

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  • n. A large and swift Asiatic falcon (Falco pregrinator) highly valued in falconry.


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  • It is high summer in South Africa at the moment. shahin Says:

    Frozen Sea

  • Gerbert paused by a pair of perches on the outer edge of the camp and, drawing on his hawking gauntlet, unfastened his own young shahin from its tether and brought the bird to his arm.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • 'You handle a falcon well … for a Frank,' said Usamah ibn Munqidh, with an approving nod at the young shahin perched upon Sabin's gauntleted wrist.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • The man's reply, whatever it might have been, was interrupted by Abdul, who, all smiles, stood before them, with the white pigeon in the left hand and the _shahin_ upon his right fist.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • For a moment Hugh Carden Ali, jogged by Fate, looked straight across at the beautiful picture, staying his talk with Abdul, who, with the courtesy of the East, did not turn his head as he stroked the breast and head of the _shahin_ on his fist.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • And just as the _shahin_ flew straight to the sun in answer, perhaps, to his master's voice, she raised the spear and drove it through the corner of the tent into the sand, so as to let those who passed know that the owner was absent upon a long journey.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • The falconer who had thrown it, as was the custom, at sunrise, was upon his knees with his forehead upon the ground, in sign of a great grief, taking no notice of his master's favourite _shahin_ which he had petted and trained.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • The apparatus usually employed for the capture of the peregrine, the shahin and other falcons is a well-limed piece of cane, about the length of the expanse of a falcon's wings.

    A Bird Calendar for Northern India

  • December 3rd, 2006 04: 26 brilliant to a seeing person, jack can not see? shahin

  • Hugh Carden Ali, the greatest authority after Abdul on the _shahin_, took the bird upon his fist, looked at the sunken, piercing eyes which were partially seeled; ran his hand over the narrow body, short tail and black back, and a finger over the large beak and deep mouth; held up the ugly face to the light, examined the flight-feathers and, moving his hand quickly up and down, caused the bird to flutter its wings -- and so give him a chance of measuring the distance of the wings from the body.

    The Hawk of Egypt


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