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  • adj. comparative form of shaky: more shaky


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  • The closer to the next election, the shakier will be the Republicans positions.

    Horses Mouth March 13, 2007 04:09 PM

  • The grass beside the well, buoyantly undisturbed, leads to an analogy with sedge which is growing near the sea on much shakier ground.

    Poem of the week: What mystery pervades a well! by Emily Dickinson

  • His knowledge of HillaryCare made him a great resource to MSNBC and helped me come to the conclusion that ObamaCare was on shakier ground than most people thought from the beginning.

    Lawrence O’Donnell loses it at Marc Thiessen. | RedState

  • Her English is now a little shakier than my son´s.

    An Education in Mexico

  • Teva's inequitable conduct claim could be on shakier ground following a May 25 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in a patent dispute between Abbott Laboratories and Becton Dickinson & Co.

    Pfizer Goes to Court to Protect Viagra

  • Or ... it's as if that church was a landmark in a very small self-circumscribed world and that I've walked over there expecting to attend the service and found the church and the piece of ground it occupied torn away, like a section from a map, and all is chaos and void where the church used to stand and the world now feels smaller and shakier, less solid and less real.

    Lance Mannion:

  • The Southern California economy is a lot shakier than it was then, and Hispanics who make up 48 percent of Los Angeles County's 10 million people tend as a whole to be more interested in soccer than football.

    Don't Buy Those NFL Season Tickets Just Yet

  • Yet shakier still were the customers who called it down; smack in the middle of their changes, to hear us coming on, mornings, banging open the quarter panel doors

    Dr Dre In Passing Bedside Manor

  • The data presented by the disputants are first shaky (some genetic indicators) and then shakier (funny marks on old graves, odd customs with candles).

    The Genetic Outlier

  • It is possible that the deficit could end up being significantly lower than the White House's projection, which was made weeks ago based on data from the fall, when the economy was on a shakier footing.

    Budget to Call for Taxes on Wealthy


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