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  • n. An outfit worn in South Asian countries by men and women comprising loose trousers and a long shirt.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Hindustani सलवार क़मीज़ / سلوار قمیض (salvār qamīz), from Persian, from Arabic


  • High risk inmates wear long orange shirts, similar in style to the traditional shalwar-kameez worn by many in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Car Bomb Hits Outside NATO Base In Kandahar

  • Hasan was wearing the shalwar-kameez, the traditional attire worn by Pashtuns on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghan border.

    Can America Survive?

  • Now, most Bengali women wear shalwar-kameez or the saree: these are the traditional outfits.

    A Bangladeshi Bluestocking

  • We rang the doorbell, were buzzed in and were greeted by the ambassador, a textbook Talib, heavily bearded and turbaned, and dressed in Afghan shalwar-kameez and waistcoat.

    The Moderate Taliban???

  • Holy Cross School, run by a different order of nuns, and Viqaroonnessa Noon School, a local school, have sensible policies in this regard: uniforms for girls consist of shalwar-kameez, for no one, not even nationalists, expect young girls to wear a saree.

    Of skirts and scarves

  • The Islamists resent the saree, which, they aver, reveals too much and is the dress worn across the border by Hindu women; the nationalists deplore the shalwar-kameez, which is worn by the Muslim state of Pakistan, from which we broke away: respect for the saree is all of a piece with respect for Bengali, which is spoken in Indian West Bengal, where women wear the saree.

    Of skirts and scarves

  • No sooner had she been promoted than she made it mandatory for all women to wear a saree, and never shalwar-kameez!

    Of skirts and scarves

  • Yet nationalism plays a role among the elite: and its puerile manifestation can be seen in such contests as that between the saree and the shalwar-kameez (Bangladesh is still a long way from the mini-skirt, which I first saw in Istanbul en route to London in 1970).

    Of skirts and scarves

  • In black silk, black leather, black velvet and fine black wool, they came cropped to the knee; culotte-style and pleated; as jumpsuits; tucked into boots; cuffed at the ankle; worn long and skinny under split, wrap skirts; cut scissor-sharp, with raw-edge finishes; ruched-up the calves in the manner of the shalwar-kameez; or accessorised with pocketed-belts. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Clad in the kaleidoscopic and protean shalwar-kameez, women in Pakistan's cities in no way resemble the shrouded figures of Afghan women under Taliban rule, Iranian hijab-wearers or Saudi women in black. Main RSS Feed


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