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  • n. Plural form of shama.


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  • Molly's father, Alexander Mendelson, was the shamas at the Crown Street synagogue in Liverpool.

    Stalin Ate My Homework by Alexei Sayle - review

  • The rabbis, henceforth Rabbi Bob and Rabbi Khaled for puzzling social, possibly legal reasons, led the Hanukkah blessings, touching the shamas to all five candles, now burning brightly with the green light from the minarets below.

    Adam Valen Levinson: Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah: A Christmas Story

  • I used an old croquet trolley to mount the muffin tin, pots, pans, whisks, strainers, and twisted an old candelabra to make an arm held high to hold the shamas.

    Vivian Reiss: Happy Hanukkah: the Latke Mobile Menorah

  • December 11th, 2009 4: 16pm - you never mentioned to henry that president assad is a member of the north London synagogue and regularly takes on the role of shamas. phil

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Along the main road, there was a licensed stall selling wild birds stuck in impossibly small cages, including fledgling hill mynas obviously taken from the nest and as yet unable to feed themselves, shamas, doves, hanging parrots, even a young barbet.


  • In this project called "Taking Menorah Design into the 59th Century," an amateur hardware hacker uses the $8 commodity USB chipset to brew his own USB-powered menorah, then writes some code to get the shamas to blink arbitrary messages in Morse code.

    Boing Boing: December 14, 2003 - December 20, 2003 Archives

  • They bore the curved swords and spears common to all Ab warriors, and one had a short bow and quiver of darts, but their shamas carried the red border which marked them as of the better class, and one wore the silver gauntlets which I later discovered were emblems of knighthood.

    Flashman on the March

  • The army of Abyssinia was at rest, thousands of men loafing and talking and brewing their billies like any other soldiers, save that these were black, and instead of shirt-sleeves and dangling gal luses there were white shamas and tight leggings, and as well as the piled firearms there were stands of spears and racks of sickle-bladed swords.

    Flashman on the March

  • In the evening Uliba took me to a little room off the stables where we packed our bags for the trip — spare clobber of shamas and boots and waterproof cloaks, blankets and utensils, biltong and bread and teff-cakes, (* Millet.) flasks of maise and tej, cheese and dried fruit and locust-balls, God help me.

    Flashman on the March

  • Groups of men in red-fringed shamas were gathered before the other large pavilions, evidently waiting, and the plain beyond was covered almost to Magdala by a forest of bivouacs and shelters.

    Flashman on the March


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