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  • n. The fact or practice of being a shamateur; making money out of sports despite professing to be an amateur.


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From shamateur + -ism.


  • Others thought the IOC president was ending an era of massive hypocrisy, known as "shamateurism," in which state-sponsored professional athletes from Eastern bloc countries had passed as amateurs for decades.

    Olympics leader Juan Antonio Samaranch dies at 89

  • It is interesting to note that everything Tarasov requested, Hockey Canada did, and yet when the smoke cleared, Russia was running for cover behind Avery Brundage's cloak of "shamateurism".

    Sport is Big Business and Hockey is a Sport

  • Pre began a long battle, both with the AAU to finally expose the hypocrisy of "shamateurism," and the arbitrary judgments of then USOC President Avery Brundage, a zealous adherent to amateurism. - Track & Field, Marathons, Racing News, Training Advice, Elite Athlete Blogs, Interviews, Podcasts, Videos and More!

  • But in the second half of the 1920s professional football spread to such an extent that the "amateurs only" conception of the Olympics meant that many of the best players were unable to be fielded, more and more countries were on the path to not distinguishing between professionals and amateurs to end various degrees of "shamateurism" and various professional teams (England, but also many clubs) had taken to playing against the amateur teams presented at the Olympics, often winning by a clear margin.

    World Cup Soccer - South Africa 2010

  • The NCAA sports that send players to the big pro leagues are the last bastion of “shamateurism”, and the whole “student athlete” element is usually tied to a folksy coming-of-age narrative, sustained by alums and boosters and the occasional dodgy payment in kind.

    Matthew Yglesias » Playoffs!

  • Simply put, he thinks the NCAA's "immoral and criminal" bureaucratic handling of its finances and its "blatant hypocrisy, shamateurism and systematic ripoff" of youngsters must end.

    The Hoops Are Made Of Gold

  • To his credit, Samaranch did rid the Games of much of their shamateurism.

    Glory Days

  • After trying to comply by sending a team of amateurs in 1920, the FA recognised no difference between amateurism and professionalism in 1923, to end shamateurism.

    World Cup Soccer - South Africa 2010

  • Denmark, finalists in 1908 and 1912 suffered the same problem, and having sent an amateur team in 1920 that was beaten roundly when they returned to Denmark by a professional side, decided to join the FA's position and end shamateurism in 1923, barring them from the 1924 and 1928

    World Cup Soccer - South Africa 2010

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    Archive 2009-07-01


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