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  • n. Plural form of shaman; the standard plural form is shamans.


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  • One sure way to spot a plastic shaman: if he uses constructs such as "shamen" or "shawoman"- it is a whole word; "sha" is not a prefix for "man".

    Video Resource on Cultural Misappropriation

  • Canadian psychoanalyst Dan Merkur listed five ways in which cultures have used psychedelics for spiritual transformation: the "mass religious revival" of the hippies; the training of religious specialists, such as shamen; group ritual use, such as indigenous ayahuasca and peyote ceremonies; initiation rites, such as the use of ibogaine by the Bwiti of Gabon; and their more recent Western use in therapy. Main RSS Feed

  • Perhaps it's the drugs, with pre-release publicity focusing on singer Paul Butler's journey into the Peruvian jungle to drop fashionable psychedelic ayahuasca with the local shamen.

    The Bees: Every Step's A Yes – review

  • If Tuillie's tool were to be the engine of his own destruction, I thought he'd have gotten gangrene after a candiru fish swam up his urethra on an ethnobotanical tour of the Amazon to consume rare psychoactives with the shamen of violent rainforest tribes like the Yanomamo.

    Ramona at the Funeral

  • I hear the Shadows croaking to each other, cursing and calling for their shamen, but the sound is distant to my ears.

    ASTRUM EXURO • by Rhiannon Morgan

  • In some ways, mystics, medicine men, shamen, psychics, and other seers or prophets are much more spiritually relevant than some of the more authoritative and decorated religious leaders.

    God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu …

  • The only heretic in the village is Sime, a disbeliever in shamen and their shenanigans and a man said to be unafraid of anything, even of the dark.

    “And must I. . .who am weary, travel always your trail until I die?”

  • Similar in molecular structure to sugar, the plant was used by Aymara shamen decked out in gold finery as they sought to be transformed into avian beings.

    Daniel Bruno Sanz: An Ounce of Gold and Ounce of Cocaine, a Trillion Dollar Deficit and a War in Vain

  • When I was backpacking around Peru in 1979, the highland shamen (sp.?) were performing curing ceremonies involving the use of San Pedro cactus, an hallucinogen, and a dip in the cold waters of mountain lakes.

    Druids, New Agers and Archaeologists

  • The film follows a hand-picked group of festival-goers as they engage with one another in ‘sharing groups’, get roasted in a pitch black sauna while a shamen purifies their spirits, indulge in some tantric sex, fight one another user the power of their auras and, of course, hug some trees.

    Mike heads THREE MILES NORTH OF MOLKOM | Obsessed With Film


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