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  • n. An article of clothing too long to be designated as shorts, but too short to be considered pants.


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  • It's not "shants" that we claim to have invented in portland -- it's "sharts", which are sort of a lumpy fart that gets deposited in your pants as a result of drinking too goddamn much coffee, then going for a long road ride.

    BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

  • They also claim to have invented "shants," but scholars believe they actually came from San Francisco.

    BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

  • This is why they wear bicycle-themed tattoos, chain bracelets, boutique cycling caps, gigantic messenger bags, "shants," and tire belts that cost more than their actual tires at all times.

    Uncultured: The War of the Wardrobes

  • So, clad in a pair of homemade "shants," flip-flops, and my only concession to foppery a canvas bag from Rivendell, I grabbed the Ticino and set out looking like the miserable aftermath of a collision between "cycle chic" and Mugatu's "Derelicte."

    Archive 2010-08-01

  • Imagine the horror you'd feel when you heard the twin bangs and the "shants" of the Nü-Fred in front of you exploded in a gristly rain of blood and ligaments.

    BSNYC Pre-Holiday Fun Quiz!

  • That race, of course, was won by Roberto Heras, who has clearly ended his cycling career not with a fingerbang, but with a whimper and in a pair of "shants".

    Waist Not Want Not: Excessive Wear

  • Few things would make me happier than if Rapha were to augment their tailored and subtly-hued collection with some screamingly loud beach "shants," and I think they would be wise to do so.

    The Schlock of the New: Dirty Salutes, Bold Claims, and Loud Prints

  • While this is perfectly logical in the normal world to which you are accustomed, in the world of bike-themed street clothing one shan't go forth without "shants:"

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Transparent pants, or "shants" as Susan calls them, strike again.

    Chloe kicks short tent dresses to the curb (yay!)

  • It's bad enough going to bike shows and watching clueless people in cycling caps, shants, and messenger bags staring at welds or lugs from a centimeter's distance and pretending they know what they're looking at--now they're going to start smelling the frames too.

    Intangibles: Steel is Real, but How does it Smell?


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