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  • n. Plural form of shard.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shard.


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  • The points of this essay, for example, have appeared in shards and fragments on my blog for years.

    Why I Blog

  • I found my dog and her litter of pups covered in shards of glass.

    Masters of the Hunt

  • If a person emotionally feels “shattered” then we would see them literally crumble to the floor in shards of broken glass.

    Blog De Ganz | Archive | June

  • Luckily, despite appearing to be made of a random jumble of porcelain shards and animal pubes, Robert Pattinson wasn’t hurt in the collision.

    Michael Welch Doesn’t Want Robert Pattinson Murdered In The Streets By You People

  • So, the Scarabi, in their trepidation, made sure the sword shards were sent to the corners of Demetaes.

    Arowin's Return

  • To alternating stretches of silence and haunting Tibetan chants, eight dancers breeze across a Mandala made of colored paper shards, which is gently and methodically destroyed to make way for a moment of stirring stillness.

    Kennedy Center Events: Upcoming Shows

  • Unlike most other mainstream MMORPGs where players are segregated on individual "shards", Eve-Online's 200K subscribers from Dr.

    October 2007

  • We have made the content proprietary so that we don't end up with a million slightly different "shards" of PlaneShift with customized servers.

    WorldForge, 50K

  • Maybe you don't need whole "shards" for an experiment like this to work; not whole "petri dishes," but "petri shot glasses."

    Synthetic Worlds as Petri Dishes

  • Now, if Christer had created some sort of franchising model where you can set up "shards" with custom rules but still tied into the main FUMBBL community so that you can play inter-shard games, that might have been interesting.

    Marx on the ceiling (or The Zen of DING!)


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