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  • n. Plural form of shareholder.


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  • Making money for their shareholders is a goal, not an obligation, and certainly not the highest one.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Thanks, Google:

  • Giving billions of dollars in no-strings public money to a bunch of executives distinguished mainly for fleecing their shareholders is the same as giving the money directly to the executives. soullite Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Let the Good Times Roll

  • They were really helpful just as far as understanding what they call the shareholders – the fans -- and what they want out of these movies.

    Talking with Justin Theroux, writer of 'Iron Man 2'

  • Author: Ramapati SinghaniaArticle incorporation LLC sample guidelines only, to point the way In most countries, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a form of company embodying the characteristics of a partnership as well as a company The liability of its members is limited to the company's net worth The personal assets of the members are not subject to liquidation in case of a default Another added advantage is that the tax authorities depending on the country, consider the Limited Liability Companies as partnerships when calculating and imposing various taxes The owners of a Limited Liability Company are called members which is synonymous to the term shareholders In a Limited Liability Company following persons can be members: * Natural person * A corporation * A partnership * Another legal association or entity In most countries, Limited Liability Companies require to be formed and managed by two or more people as different from corporations or sole proprietorships It is on the discretion of members that they may choose to run the company and take charge of its affairs themselves or appoint appropriately qualified and experienced managers for the management of their Limited Liability Company Now incorporating your very own Limited Liability Company has been made easier by the internet and other useful resources available to you You can easily find article incorporation LLC samples on the internet It is the basic document and is like the constitution of the company Articles incorporation set the objectives and the scope of activities the business will undertake and what path will be adopted by the business in order to achieve its goal Articles incorporation is set out clearly before submission to the concerned regulatory authority in the territory in which the business is to be incorporated Sample of articles of incorporation are essential to register the business A new company takes birth with a separate legal identity and is considered a person in its own self by law The birth of a company only takes place when the articles of incorporation are registered by the relevant regulatory authority and a Certificate of Incorporation is issued To facilitate the formation of a company article incorporation llc sample are widely available on the internet The Article incorporation llc sample generally includes information about the name of the incorporator (a person who is organizing the corporation), the number of shares a corporation is authorized to issue, the names of its board of directors and address of its registered office In some cases the corporation may have to specify the name of a registered agent You can just fill in the blanks in the article incorporation llc sample you have downloaded from internet or obtained from the company registration and regulatory authority and submit them for registration If you are doing the incorporation yourself, then reading the relevant laws before filling out the articles of incorporation form, would be a good idea to avoid legal pitfalls later Ramapati Singhania specializes in creating and managing web businesses.

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  • A: We believe that the only way the company can fulfill its mission over the long term, on behalf of its employees, and to society, and ultimately to the shareholders is by sustaining a fairly high level of investment in research and development.

    Microsoft exec: traditional PCs to make a comeback

  • The retained imputed earnings of shareholders is capital.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ever-Closer Union

  • Clive Donner , managing director of Perth-based investment house LinQ and one of Riversdale's largest and longest-term shareholders, said the steelmaker may be trying to raise its influence in the event of a takeover.

    Rio Tinto Extends Riversdale Offer As CSN Raises Stake

  • Founders and other long-term shareholders at corporate icons such as Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Google have had supervoting stock, often with between five or 10 votes per share.

    One Share, One Vote?

  • Meanwhile regulators around the world are also tightening rules and intervening in deals in a trend likely to dent volume and hurt long-term shareholders.

    World Turns Up the Heat on Hostile Takeovers

  • L-shares could be implemented in a number of ways, and a few European companies have rewarded long-term shareholders through one-time warrants or special bonuses, including French cosmetics company L'Oréal SA in 2009.

    Loyalty Shares—It's a Long Story


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