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  • n. Islam The code of law based on the Koran.

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  • n. traditional Islamic religious law; it covers the totality of religious, political, social and private life making no distinction between religion and life, in other words between transgressions of moral rules (sin) and of social rules.


Arabic šarī'a, divinely ordained law, from šara'a, to prescribe or ordain (of God); see śrʿ in Semitic roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Arabic شريعة way to the water (Wiktionary)


  • The unabashed attack on Islam as a "death cult" and on Muslims as sleeper cells seeking to supplant the Constitution with shari'a is a harbinger of acceptable discourse on race in America as well as the unraveling of its tenuous multicultural fabric.

    Noura Erakat: The Tea Party and Race in America

  • A collection of analytical essays about, as the book's subtitle puts it, "the worldwide spread of extreme shari'a law", sent me by one of the contributors shortly after its publication in 2005.

    Cooking 2) Thickening

  • Nancy Holm, a friend and former Bay Area TV journalist, who immigrated to Denmark and, as head of the TV department school of journalism, supervised news stories and documentaries of the cartoon crisis in 2005, explains: Any type of intense religious belief scares Europeans and shari'a law scares them.

    Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy: The Politics Of Islamophobia In Britain

  • Instead of understanding shari'a as a code of good conduct, they think European Muslims want to amputate hands, stone women and generally return to a medieval jurisprudence.

    Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy: The Politics Of Islamophobia In Britain

  • To the extent that she remains a practicing Christian, she has incurred a death sentence under shari'a.

    April 2nd, 2009

  • As it happens, the President does share many goals with Muslims who believe in shari'a and its expansion, and it's not a slander upon him to say it.

    Joshua Treviño: Why the President's Partisans Talk Down Islam

  • And it explains the bizarre media flap over Republicans, shari'a, and the President of the past 24 hours.

    Joshua Treviño: Why the President's Partisans Talk Down Islam

  • What would indisputably be a bad thing is if the President actually wanted shari'a imposed worldwide, or if 52% of Republicans believed that he does.

    Joshua Treviño: Why the President's Partisans Talk Down Islam

  • Though seemingly expedient in the short term, such support only further emboldens the extremists to oppress the more moderate ASJ leaders and to demand imposition of their draconian interpretations of shari'a law (sacred law of Islam) in areas under their hegemony.

    Hedieh Mirahmadi: The Global Village of Terrorism

  • Let them form a [legal] party, and when they form a party they have to present a programme and they have to acknowledge that this is a political programme – it's not the word of God, it's not shari'a.

    Divorcing fundamentalism


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