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  • n. The dung or manure of cattle.

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  • n. The dung of cattle.


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From Middle English scharn, from Old English scearn ("sharn, dung, muck, filth"), from Proto-Germanic *skarnan (“manure”), from Proto-Indo-European *sker- (“dung, manure”). Cognate with North Frisian skern ("dung, manure"), Danish, Swedish, and Icelandic skarn ("dung").


  • Shera, fanks fur sharn ur conserns… was too lates, but maded shur hims b berry drai befor lettn himz lik,lik,lik.

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  • there are monks in two places. the people of sharn-hu have dervishes, dancing warriors who's bodies are weapons. in the vellic confederacy, there are three school, all founded by the same master, though each is presided over by a radically diffrent philosphy. on thing that knits them together still is the paradigm they approach the world through- that of the traditional d&d alignment system.

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  • March 31, 2009 Singapore's Stunning Digital Cloud Skyscraper by sharn



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