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  • Having slender shanks: specifically noting a hawk, Accipiter fuscus, one of the two commonest of the small hawks of North America.


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  • Golden eagles, ptarmigan, ravens, and sharp-shinned hawks inhabit the uplands.

    Alaska Range Humid Tayga - Tundra - Meadow (Bailey)

  • Spotted an immature sharp-shinned hawk perched in the snag-topped maple a couple of houses over.

    Gray, with occasional redpolls

  • Maybe a sharp-shinned or Cooper's hawk will come by and snag the Free Lunch.

    And again with the redpolls

  • Thus we lose the sharp-shinned hawk snag, ruler of all it surveys.


  • Maybe the sharp-shinned or Cooper's hawk passed through looking for breakfast.


  • From time to time over the past few years of plover wardening at Plum Island I've blogged about seeing sharp-shinned hawks turn and fly directly out to sea during the spring and fall migrations.

    so that's where the seagoing sharpies go!

  • Spotted a crow harassing some bird-shaped object in the sky, looked like a sharp-shinned hawk by the profile and relative size.

    Morning concert

  • Just spotted a bird on the maple snag a few houses north of us, place where we sometimes see a sharp-shinned or Cooper's hawk surveying the world for a little snack.

    Red sky at morning . . .

  • Other birds of interest include pied-billed grebe, sharp-shinned hawk, northern sawhet owl, yellow-bellied sapsucker, Swainson's thrush, loggerhead shrike, marsh wren, golden crowned kinglet, red-breasted nuthatch, mourning warbler and dark-eyed junco.

    Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Maryland

  • Later, I'm talking to a couple of birders who have come down onto the beach -- not part of a flash mob, there are only two of them -- when four more sharp-shinned hawks come into view barreling north low over the dunes or what's left of the dunes.

    Archive 2007-05-01


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