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  • n. Plural form of sharpness.


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  • The way you see the world, in its sharpnesses and its gray fluttering edges, means a lot to me.

    "I have burned my tomorrows, and I stand inside today..."

  • The right penguin is unnaturally still but for its wing, the two penguins' shadows are of different colors and sharpnesses, the right penguin's shadow doesn't change when it raises its wing, and the ice under the hapless penguin's foot breaks an instant before the other penguin smacks it.

    Even the penguins in Antarctica do it

  • But past the horizon, blackness was aswarm with other and older stars, unblinking diamond sharpnesses.

    Three Worlds To Conquer

  • The softer edges of the principal features in these compositions lend a largeness and mystery to these parts, and to restore the balance, sharpnesses are introduced in non-essential accessories.

    The Practice and Science of Drawing

  • If you find any successful work done with this quality of edge unrelieved by any sharpnesses, it will depend on colour, and not form, for any qualities it may possess.

    The Practice and Science of Drawing

  • With the edge blurred out from the face side, it is easy to come with a brush full of the colour the background is immediately against the face (a different colour usually from what it is further away), and draw it with some decision and conviction, care being taken to note all the variations on the edge, where the sharpnesses come and where the edge is more lost, &c.

    The Practice and Science of Drawing

  • Gone was the defiant look, gone were the sharpnesses that earlier had appeared upon her face.


  • The English, like ancient medals, kept more apart, and passing but few people’s hands, preserve the first sharpnesses which the fine hand of nature has given them—they are not so pleasant to feel—but, in return, the legend is so visible, that at the first look you see whose image and superscription they bear.

    51. Character. Versailles

  • Her plump arms, her broad and placid bosom, her flat smooth face, her hair, entirely negative in colour and arrangement, offered no clue whatever to her unsuspected sharpnesses.


  • And these sharpnesses ought to be anointed and have light of the fire, for they be not only to be suffered in patience, but with good will and by charity.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 1


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