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  • noun US An inexperienced person, especially a newly-commissioned military officer


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  • My dad was a shavetail crew member aboard the RB-47 overflights that did ELINT in conjunction with the U-2 photo intel.

    A Commercial for Christmas

  • A queer shavetail with a carbine in a foxhole at Iwo Jima, he went on the become an ex officio judge of the annual poetry contest at the Japanese Imperial Court.

    Seidensticker’s Passing

  • It especially happens to looeys on up to shavetail captains.

    From The Daily Growler Wastebasket

  • The shavetail lieutenant at that position took one look at him and knew that trouble was brewing.

    The Man with Two Faces

  • Alain Berliez and Roger Dempsey had been assigned to Ori-12-1818 as shavetail lieutenants only 6 months before but they were especially trained in regard to the new 3-D sensor.

    Plasma Monster

  • The "doughboy shavetail", a hero before the armistice, or the aviator who held the stage until November eleventh, once he put on his serge suit and went back to selling insurance or keeping books, became a nodding acquaintance, sometimes not even that.

    The Log-Cabin Lady

  • March 22 [1919] 1919: To the Cathedral: left Tours at noon and a nice Q.W. shavetail found me a seat.

    Elizabeth Herbert Smith Taylor Diaries (#4994). 8 September 1918-10 May 1919

  • Many moons ago, when deployed to Kuwait as a young shavetail butterbar, we didn't have the obscene amenities that are de rigueur on even the most spartan FOB today. it took about a month before we had a shower -- which was little more than a shower head beneath a tank of water, the purpose of which was not to get you clean, but to get the funk off of your body.

    From My Position... On the way!

  • - no, he bought it in the drop on Suvla-surely that was when that new blond young shavetail got his when his parapack roman-candled-no, you're thinking of that guy, what was his name? was always sick when we went through the box ...

    Behold the Stars

  • Through his avid cultivation of the press, and through the press’s equally avid exploitation of his avidity, wrote Alva Johnston, “Al Capone was a world figure at an age when Napoleon was still a wretched shavetail.”



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