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  • n. A pair of leather straps with buckles or automatic catches, fitted to a handle, for carrying shawls, parcels, etc.


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  • She gathered up her muff and the shawl-strap in which she had carried her gifts, and turned to go.

    The Financier

  • Miss Muller, with a satchel and shawl-strap, would have started coolly at an hour's notice alone for the Yosemite or Japan.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 12, No. 28, July, 1873

  • That part of the journeying public which loves to see some new thing puzzled itself mightily over the gentleman of full habit, who in addition to his not inconsiderable encumbrance of flesh and luggage, chose to carry about a shawl-strap loaded to utmost capacity with a composite mass of books, magazines, and newspapers.

    The Bibliotaph and Other People

  • Searching the car he discovered a shawl-strap with which he tied the messenger's feet, and thus had him powerless as a log.

    Jim Cummings Or, The Great Adams Express Robbery

  • On second glance it seemed a sort of shawl-strap contrivance by which the talking-machine was suspended.

    The Poor Little Rich Girl

  • Jimmy was carrying the water-melon now, by means of a shawl-strap.

    The Voyage of the Hoppergrass

  • There was a very stout lady with a canvas extension case and an umbrella in one hand and a bulging shawl-strap and a pasteboard box in the other, who panted and wheezed like the locomotive itself and who asked the brakeman, "What on airth DO they have such high steps for?"

    Cap'n Eri

  • Life is a joke, and marriage is a picnic, and a man is a shawl-strap -- 'Pon my soul, Cynthia Deane -- no,

    Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: The New York Idea

  • She left him to fasten her shawl-strap, but presently came back, bringing a beautifully illustrated story-book that she had bought for the little daughter at home.

    Big Brother

  • Henderson had brought the shawl-strap, and they were using it for the further discomfort of the patient old St. Bernard.

    The Little Colonel's Hero


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