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  • adj. Dressed in a shawl.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

shawl +‎ -ed


  • She fell to wondering what her life would have been like had she been born a Chinese woman, or an Italian woman like those she saw, head-shawled or bareheaded, squat, ungainly and swarthy, who carried great loads of driftwood on their heads up from tha beach.


  • It was "in fact a shawled figure, one whose cloth now rippled with movement as the beast hustled forward."

    Mat Johnson's 'Pym' re-imagines Poe's social satire

  • Forget the holy sites, the bearded priests and the shawled rabbis.

    David Grossman: 'I cannot afford the luxury of despair'

  • Her head shawled in a dark veil that obscures her features, the guest appears thin.

    The Strange Death of Dr. Love

  • Spain's Princess Letizia was all shawled up on Tuesday at the military parade during National Day in Madrid.

    Princess Letizia Gets All Shawled Up (PHOTOS, POLL)

  • Covered modestly enough in the billows of Jamie's best shirt and the remnants of my shift, barefoot, and shawled in his plaid, I looked a right ragamuffin.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • "He might somehow have got hold of the note you gave Ern when you disguised yourself as the red-shawled woman, " said Daisy.


  • In the diversified throng were shawled crones, young fathers with niños perched atop their shoulders, and beautiful brown women beamingly holding the hands of other children, each dressed in his best.

    Las Posadas, 2001

  • I seem to liquefy, to melt into the physical world shawled about me, to dissolve into the water's curlings and slidings ...

    48 entries from October 2007

  • Sarit rocked steadily on him, her thick hair shawled over her face as if for privacy or prayer.



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