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  • she would have; she would’ve; she woulda.


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  • Whilst he was fingering that out, she give him a reasonably hard shot to the loins and then laid into him with fisticuffs—which had she been born a man and eligible to compete, she'd've taken the county bareknuckle prize in a walk any year she pleased.

    Screaming Woman - Excerpt

  • Sea shanties and whaling songs may not be the best, as the effect on "Rolling Down to Old Maui" was particularly horrible; a girlfriend once complained about my shanty-singing, but I guarantee her she'd've hated it even more if I'd been using Auto-Tune.

    APED: "shut up, he explained"

  • It was even possible that, overcome by the horror of what she had done, she'd've put the barrel of the gun to her own head and pulled the trigger a second time, and how would Old White Daddy like waking up to that?

    The Dark Tower

  • "If you'd let it alone, Cill, she'd've gone on with her research and got precisely nowhere because I was the only source she had."

    Disordered Minds

  • I thought that meant she was married or had a live-in, though when she'd've had time for either I couldn't imagine.

    While Other People Sleep

  • "Eunice, she'd've turned out like that Loreen Butts or that Tony what's-her-name."

    The End of the Pier

  • Then she wondered if she'd've done better to seek out some of the gay, effervescent, frivolous companions, either City or Cavern, and forget in laughter and society the doubts that plagued her.

    The Coelura

  • Oh, she'd've had to wait, but we had an understanding, 'he ended with stubborn insistence.


  • If you had been where you belonged, or even taken my signal, Frank couldn't have made that thirty-all point; and if Lois hadn't netted she'd've caught you flat-footed, a kilometer out of position, and made it deuce.

    First Lensman

  • It's really suspicious, but I don't know if she'd've been convicted in an American court.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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