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  • Contraction of she have.


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  • Being very close to my two aunts and my grandaunt, she'd get invited to go on vacations with them, acting as a part-time babysitter during the many trips she've embarked on.


  • 'But I make no doubt she've her peck o' troubles, too, what with them limbs of young brothers, and the captain so uplifted-like that he can't give a hand to help her rule 'em.

    The Captain's Bunk A Story for Boys

  • "They tell me as how Depper's wife ain't a-goin 'to get over this here sickness she've got," she said, tucking in the edges of the whitey-brown paper upon the half-pound of moist sugar taken from the scales.

    A Sheaf of Corn

  • Not brantèn, nor spitevul, nor wild; she've a mind

    Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect

  • "Th 'white ship she've come back," some of them were screaming.

    Sweetapple Cove

  • We'll catch that Teasel for you if she've not gone too far.

    Coot Club

  • Mis 'Watson, she've bin here a good while, an' she warn 'skeery.

    The Circular Staircase

  • "Well," I said -- in two minds what to say -- "she've made it clear what her feelings were, so I'll ask you not to let it occur again."

    The Torch and Other Tales

  • Us caan't say she've run away, but I thot I'd tell 'e how things is so's you could spread it abroad that she'm lost.

    Lying Prophets

  • Wanton or no wanton, she've flummoxed me this day.

    Lying Prophets


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