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  • n. An unlicensed public-house.


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From Irish word síbín (same meaning and pronunciation).


  • Flanagan's sheebeen house, I don't know that I have much to trouble me.

    Willy Reilly The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

  • Anthony Kelly, (48) 121 O'Malley Park, was convicted of occupying the sheebeen at his mother's Lilac Court house on April 17, 2008, when Gardai raided the premises.

    Irish Blogs

  • He fined Kelly €63.49 and ordered that all drink seized during the raids on the sheebeen be destroyed.

    Irish Blogs

  • In Limerick District Court yesterday, the brother of the late Limerick City Councillor Michael Kelly was fined for occupying a sheebeen in Southill.

    Irish Blogs

  • He did however also accept that those who used the sheebeen pooled their money to buy alcohol.

    Irish Blogs

  • The sheebeen owners fought against the community for their own interests.

    Interactivist Info Exchange - A Project of <a href="">Interactivist</a> & <a href="">Autonomedia</a>

  • "But he was feelin’ very comfortable be razon av gettin’ the purse, an’ says to himself, ’Begorra, ’tis mesilf that’ll ate the full av me waistband fur wan time, an’ dhrink till a stame-ingine can’t squaze wan dhrop more down me neck,’ says he, and aff he goes like a quarther-horse fur Miss Clooney’s sheebeen, that’s where he used fur to go.

    Irish Wonders

  • Describing the sheebeen as having "" all the appearances, vestiges and attributes of a bar, "he accepted that the operation was being run as a commercial enterprise.

    Irish Blogs


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