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  • n. Plural form of sheepherder.


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  • The staff at Erick Schat's makes more than 450 items from scratch each day, the most popular of which are their killer sandwiches and the famous and trademarked Sheepherder bread, a hand-shaped French-style loaf that was introduced to the area by the Basque sheepherders over 100 years ago.

    You Want to Eat Where?

  • Immigrants trekking to Oregon despised and feared it as a waterless desert, but nineteenth-century sheepherders from California discovered it was a good place to over-winter.

    Bird Cloud

  • Living at the time in Colorado, we heard about a family of Norwegian-American sheepherders in Montana who were among the last to trail their band of sheep long distances -- about 150 miles each year, all of it on hoof -- up to the mountains for summer pasture.

    George Heymont: Mother Nature Provided The Soundtrack

  • Because they were borrowed from existing social codes of the time, and modified to suit the needs of a wandering band of aggressive sheepherders.

    Think Progress » Miss Beverly Hills tries to one-up Carrie Prejean, says it’s divine law that gays be put to death.

  • Kahlil came from a family of sheepherders who had covered the central highlands on foot.

    September 17 , 2004

  • These guys being interrogated are not innocent sheepherders, they are trained, evil, ideologues who would kill Americans any way they could.

    Cheney: Investigating CIA interrogations a political move

  •  Walking up the steps from the cove, Gabrielle said if we were to eat lunch together then it couldn't be at a place tourists frequent, it couldn't be at one of the few places our guidebook and biking sheepherders recommended.

    An Italian Lunch

  •  Walking up the steps from the cove, Gabrielle said if we were to eat lunch together then it couldn't be at a touristy place, not at one of the places recommended by the guidebook or our Italian biking sheepherders.

    An Italian Lunch (II)

  • But the bronze age sheepherders typing out the Old Testament on a piece of goatskin didn't know about the great apes, or even the monkeys, which did not live around what the desert nomads thought of as the centre of the universe but which we now call the Middle East, a kind of evolutionary backwater with barely enough species known to fill a boat.

    None So Blind As Creationists

  • If there had been a band of gorillas living by the Dead Sea, or a band of chimpanzees living on the Mount of Olives, do you think one of the sheepherders might have modified the relevant bit of his creation mythology to read, "And then Yahweh created the great apes, and he took a rib from a chimpanzee and it became the first human"?

    None So Blind As Creationists


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