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  • n. Plural form of sheikh.


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  • I didn't actually start reading romance until paranormal became more popular, because I just had no interest in sheikhs or cowboys or CEOs or Navy SEALS .... give me a good dark paranormal hero, though, and I'm set!

    Guest Author: Jory Strong

  • After an IDP camp was established in Amran governorate, heads of the local tribe, also known as sheikhs, forced the UN to remove the tents, Mr. Rehman said.

    Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories

  • "We export beetles mainly to Japan, where they are admired and treated with respect and devotion, but we've begun to receive orders from the United Arab Emirates where one of the sheikhs is a fanatic about these marvellous exemplars and made an initial order for 1,000," he said.

    Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News

  • So an atmosphere was created whereby people had had enough, and when these so-called sheikhs of Al-Sahwa came about, the US stopped putting such pressure on Al-Anbar and ordered the squads to stop placing explosives.

    Signs of the Times

  • In successive campaigns, al-Shabab, under the leadership of a group of senior clerics and "sheikhs", has taken over at least a third of Somalia, including most of Mogadishu, the capital.

    Uganda bombs signal growing extremism of al-Shabab

  • In letters captured by U.S. forces in Iraq late last year, al Qaeda "sheikhs" lament how the flow of foreign suicide bombers has dried up as the likelihood dims that their "martyrdom" will result in anyone's death other than their own.

    An Inordinate Fear of Terrorism?

  • We are still paying the price for that, as phoney 'sheikhs' in beards and flowing robes peddle their poisonous message.

    Home | Mail Online

  • Those "sheikhs" who chose to concentrate on meaningless issues do a great disservice to their fellow Muslims.

    Planet Atheism

  • When the Saudis fund mosques and 'sheikhs' to spout Wahabbism, further it as the authentic version of Islam, or further their geo-political interests it is howled and attacked (by the likes of Tim Winter no less) but yet when the same individuals take govt. funds from the very same govt. body that currently funds the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to promote parts of Islam suitable to the UK govt. and its interests all of a sudden it is somehow seen as "community work" and "charity".


  • British officials believed the sheikhs could be more easily controlled than the educated urban Iraqi upper class, whose members were beginning to mutter that Iraqis might want to rule their own country.

    Day of Honey


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