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  • n. Plural form of shekel.

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  • n. informal terms for money


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  • Beggar boys would follow me as I always gave them all the coin shekels I had even after helpful locals warned me the kids made trouble and not to give them anything, I still did.

    The Wall and Nonviolent Resistance

  • [5] Here Dr. Bernard very justly observes, that a few words are dropped out of Josephus's copies, on account of the repetition of the word shekels, and that it ought to be read thus: -- "A piece of gold that weighed fifty shekels, and one of silver that weighed two hundred shekels," as in our other copies, Joshua 7: 21.

    Antiquities of the Jews

  • Under these pretences, he makes bold with this first, and things it no harm to save it from the fire; but, his hand being thus in, he proceeds to take a bag of money, two hundred shekels, that is one hundred ounces of silver, and a wwedge of gold which weighed fifty shekels, that is twenty-five ounces.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume II (Joshua to Esther)

  • Applying a quote from Rev. Jerry Falwell to the idea of a government bailout for the news media, Policinski said "The shekels are the shackles."

    Broadcast Engineering RSS Feed

  • Students are given 100 shekels, which is just under 20 euros, every month.


  • Benjamin, who stands nearest to him, is given "three hundred shekels of silver" -- "shekels" being understood according to a common Hebrew construction (G.K. 134 n; K.S. 314h) -- and five "extra garments."

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • Zionists, to which offerings the name of the old Jewish coinage is applied, and which accordingly are known as "shekels," -- their amount being in America forty cents, and in Western lands a unit of the coinage (one mark, one franc, one shilling, etc.).

    Zionism and Anti-Semitism Zionism by Nordau; and Anti-Semitism by Gottheil

  • [ISRAEL] I read recently that Labor party leader and minister of defense Ehud Barak is trying to sell his luxury apartment for 40 million shekels which is, at current exchange rates ... well, a lot of money.

    Israel Hasbara Committee

  • They made use of uncoined shekels or talents of silver, which they weighed out (Gen. 23: 16; Ex. 38: 24; 2 Sam.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • The Code of Hammurabi states that if a man strikes the pregnant daughter of another man and causes her "to drop that of her womb," he is to pay 10 shekels of silver for the fetus.

    Richard Elliott Friedman: Getting The Bible Right On Abortion


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