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  • n. A printed card affixed to a supermarket shelf to draw customers' attention to a specific product.


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  • In the first issue, Andrew Barrow wrote a terrific piece on the food and wine of Alsace, Meg Houston Maker reviews Randall Grahm's forthcoming book, Been Doon So Long, Robert Dwyer examined common shelf-talker practices to determine whether they deceive consumers, Thea Dwelle explored the quintessential "American" grape Zinfandel, and Sonadora explored the social networking efforts of Twisted Oak Winery--and tastes some wine while she's at it.

    Palate Press: the New Online Wine Magazine

  • The shelf-talker gives a brief description of the book and also, if possible, a sort of overview of the type of book you're getting.


  • Now this was a bit peculiar...this could have been used as a generic shelf-talker for any given issue of Electric Warrior, as it was unlikely the customers would ever see anything more of it than the "Shocker of the Month" bit at the very top.

    Archive 2006-05-14

  • A few more goodies from the store vaults...some of the shelf-talker boards that would be placed behind or under the new comics.

    Archive 2006-05-14

  • That DC decided this series needed the extra push that only a shelf-talker designed for a specific issue could give...well, that was just a little surprising.

    Archive 2006-05-14

  • The Fall of the Mutants crossover 1987 shelf-talker is somewhat less inspiring:

    Archive 2006-05-21

  • Fulfilling this website's requirement of "one mention of 'The Death of Superman' every four weeks," here is the two-sided shelf-talker for that storyline and related one-shots:

    Archive 2006-05-14

  • Here's a slightly more recent combined shelf-talker 1997...having the eyes of the characters just poke over the tops of the books is a real attention-grabber:

    Archive 2006-05-21

  • This last shelf-talker is filled with advice for the retailer:

    Archive 2006-05-21

  • DC saved some paper by using one shelf-talker for multiple titles, such as the one they did for the series inspired by various TSR gaming properties from had a general TSR logo:

    Archive 2006-05-21


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