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  • n. Alternative spelling of shell shock.


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  • Flavia knows almost as little about the passions and secrets of her unusual household: her aloof, still-grieving father; her father's devoted estate-manager, prone to spells of postwar shell-shock; and her cruel-seeming siblings: "I still didn't know why my sisters hated me so much."

    Stains of Blood on New-Fallen Snow

  • The anguishing power of these scenes—even stronger now than in the shell-shock of the days just following the attack—comes not only from the sight of those silent, distant figures, arms flailing, jumping from a window 101 floors high, but from the people below who watch, weeping and screaming.

    A Dark Day's Enduring Life

  • It's the story of a Native American returning from World War II with a severe case of shell-shock (what we'd call post-traumatic stress disorder today), who feels utterly lost in the world.

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • The town had an actual town square, around which a shell-shock case from World War II named John Fox still walked every day.

    The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 1

  •   He felt terrible for the student whose work had been ripped to shreds by his classmates, whose face always registered a kind of shell-shock, who would rather melt into a puddle and slide under the door than have to address the room, thank his classmates for their “helpful suggestions” and tell them he “had a feeling” the story's ending was crap.

    Leave Off Doves

  • In World War I, the condition was referenced as "shell-shock."

    Marcia G. Yerman: America's Veterans: The Collateral Damage of War

  • It is a decent little detective novel with a compelling character of whom I am anxious to read more, but notable for me first for the inclusion of shell-shock/PTSD post-WW1 and subject of a very interesting series of articles on and for the way it is set in a time and a world that is almost recognisable – almost ours.

    January Short Book Reviews

  • There was post-traumatic stress disorder before the Vietnam War — they just called it names like hysteria, melancholia and shell-shock.

    Talking Heads, Bugle Boys

  • Drawing on searing archival footage, the film details how since the Civil War our fighting men have not only been traumatized -- their condition has remained invisible, though occasionally dubbed "shell-shock" or "combat fatigue."

    Erica Abeel: Worlds of Pain: From Wartorn to Tiny Furniture

  • Berlin is trying to emerge from the shell-shock of defeat in the First World War, hyperinflation, and later the stock market crash of 1929.

    Prewar Berlin Inspires Crime Novelist's Dark Side


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