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  • n. A small piece of code, used as the payload of a virus or other malware, that launches a shell so that the attacker can control the compromised computer.


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shell code


  • While Rutkowska and Wojtczuk's proof of concept code is harmless, it's meant to illustrate the potential for danger if an attacker gets control of SMRAM and uploads special executable code, called shellcode, into the memory.

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  • Not only can this increase the address space available, it can improve security, by making it harder for buffer overflows to inject shellcode.

    Snell-Pym » HYDROGEN: Bootstrapping

  • Christmas, we received a new sample sha1: cc47a73118c51b0d32fd88d48863afb1af7b2578 that reliably exploits this vulnerability and is able to execute malicious shellcode which downloads other malware.

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  • Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2010-126 - Multiple vulnerabilities has been found and corrected in mozilla-thunderbird. dellallpoly-shellcode. txt

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  • ForumCMS version 08.06.2010 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability. delall-shellcode. txt

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  • Breakpoint 2, main (argc = 1, argv = 0xbffff824) at exploit_notesearch. c: 27 27 memcpy (buffer+60, shellcode, sizeof (shellcode) -1);

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  • Heap Spray Allocation - When an exploit runs, it often cannot be sure of the address where its shellcode resides and must make a case when taking control of the instruction pointer.

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  • This mitigation blocks a common current technique shellcode uses to do this.

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  • Before a piece of shellcode can do anything useful, it generally has to locate windows APIs first.

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  • To increase the odds of success, most exploits now use heapspray techniques to place copies of their shellcode at as many memory locations as possible.

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