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  • n. See tent.


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  • The tents d'abri, or shelter-tent, carried by the soldier himself, is all-sufficient.

    Memoirs of the Union's Three Great Civil War Generals

  • All troops will carry on the person the blanket-roll (with shelter-tent and poncho), three days 'field rations (with coffee, ground), canteens filled, and 100 rounds of ammunition per man.

    History of the Gatling Gun Detachment

  • Beneath a shelter-tent by the Rapidan, in a striped railroad-station in Bavaria, at the counter of Trübner's bookstore in London, and at Cordaville, in

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 83, September, 1864

  • Note 27, page 49: The brass eyes in the edges of the Elk Scouts 'tarps here would come into good use for stretching the tarp as a low "A" shelter-tent or dog-tent.

    Pluck on the Long Trail Boy Scouts in the Rockies

  • Then in a most business-like fashion he pitched a diminutive shelter-tent.

    Blazed Trail Stories and Stories of the Wild Life

  • In shelter-tent camps, in localities where suitable material is procurable, tent poles may be improvised and used in lieu of the rifle and bayonet or intrenching tool as supports for the shelter tent.

    Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition

  • A brave but fastidious member of a well-known Eastern club, who was serving in the ranks, was christened "Tough Ike"; and his bunkie, the man who shared his shelter-tent, who was a decidedly rough cow-puncher, gradually acquired the name of "The Dude."

    II. To Cuba

  • If your shelter-tent got afire or blew away, wouldn't you crawl into mine?

    The Younger Set

  • When I returned, the ladies had retired to their blankets under their shelter-tent; poor little Grigg lay asleep at the table, his tired, ugly head resting among the unwashed tin plates; Speed sprawled in his chair, smoking a short pipe; Byram sat all hunched up, his head sunk, eyes vacantly following the movements of two men who were washing dishes in the flickering torch-light.

    The Maids of Paradise

  • We had pitched our little shelter-tent, but we had to clear out of it a couple of hours later, the small basin in which we had pitched it having turned into a regular pond.

    An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet


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