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  • n. A complex of proteins associated with telomeres that protect the ends of chromosomes


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  • In 1995, she purified and cloned telomere repeat binding factor 1 (TRF1), the first of six telomeric proteins that bind to human telomeres. de Lange showed that the six telomeric proteins form a complex, termed shelterin, that protects chromosome ends and regulates telomerase.

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  • It's sad, yet troo! that as I casts my gaze r'arward I identifies myse'f as the balmiest brand of shorthorn who ever leaves his parents 'shelterin' roof. '

    Wolfville Nights

  • "Sai, I can't believe ye'll want to be causin trouble for three young men from the Affiliation-the Affiliation that's been like mother's milk and father's shelterin hand since aye or oh fifty generations back; ye'd not be so disrespectful as all that, would ye?"

    Wizard and Glass

  • They wer all got to land by a hawser rigged from a peak of projectin 'rock to a bit of the wreck; an' the ladies, I read, mister, an 'all o' them, lived from July to November on penguins an 'seal flesh, which they cooked in part of an iron buoy that they sawed in half fur a kittle, shelterin' themselves from the cold in tents thet they made out of the vessel's sails.

    Fritz and Eric The Brother Crusoes

  • I guess they won't peep much about kidnapin 'with th' kid safe an 'us pickin' 'im up out o' th 'road an' shelterin '' im.

    A Reversible Santa Claus

  • I met up with Mr. Clamp yesterday, Ca-iry, and I was tellin 'him about this demented creatur as you've been shelterin' at your own expense the last three years, as the hull neighborhood says it's a shame.

    Hildegarde's Holiday a story for girls

  • Her group showed how shelterin helps to hide the telomere from the DNA damage response and represses inappropriate DNA repair reactions at chromosome ends.

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  • Rap1 is a component of the shelterin complex at mammalian telomeres, but its in vivo role in telomere biology has remained largely unknown to date.

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  • Structure / function studies of the shelterin complex that target telomeres.

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  • Article title: Developmental studies of Xenopus shelterin complexes: the message to reset telomeres is already present in the egg



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