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  • n. In Hebrew grammar:
  • n. An obscure vowel-sound, similar to or identical with that known as the neutral vowel.
  • n. The vowel-point representing such a sound.


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  • Shiva, named for the Hebrew word sheva, or seven, is the seven-day mourning period during which the immediate family of the deceased sit on low chairs and people who wish to pay their respects visit the Shiva house in this case, my parents’ home.

    Surfacing « The Life and Times of Organic Mama

  • Also rockets have now reached Beer-sheva, over to the east.

    CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2009

  • On Tuesday evening, we attended a sheva brachos for the couple that got married on Sunday.

    Last Week Was a Busy One

  • Is that a reference to their wild drinking past or someone’s misinterpretation of sheva berachot?

    Winehouse’s beau to convert ahead of shmancy Jewish wedding | Jewschool

  • The etymology seems to be that sheva develops a usage as shva in German, and then becomes spelled as schwa, and thus arrives in English.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • This establishes the origin in Hebrew grammar, where sheva was the name of the sign placed under a consonant letter to show the absence of a following vowel or, in some positions, the sounding of a neutral vowel.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • On the other hand, if I had taken only the English word "seven" and the Hebrew word "sheva," maybe I could have convinced you English was related to Hebrew. NATIVE AMERICAN LANGUAGES.

  • After the meal they say "7 Blessings (sheva brachot)" praising G-d.

    nisayon Diary Entry

  • Also we had the bonus of the sheva brachot people chained to their seats to listen to our insane ranting and hippy music (evil laugh!).

    nisayon Diary Entry

  • "Where in sheva are we going to get enough bodies to throw at them?"

    The Oathbound


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