shield-bearing love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In zoology, having a shield; scutate or scutigerous; squamate; loricate; cataphract.


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  • Don't miss: On the bluff, there are thousands of petroglyphs and pictographs that depict human figures -- most dramatically, large, shield-bearing warriors -- as well as bears, mountain sheep, and even horses.

    From the Trenches - Off the Grid- Medicine Lodge Creek, Wyoming

  • She stepped forward, still flanked by the shield-bearing Rickel and Lejun, then inclined her head to the chief player.

    Darksong Rising

  • The shield-bearing figure, complete except for its feet, is bearded, clad in armor, and crowned with a laurel wreath and two tear-drop-shaped appendages thought to represent horns.

    Celtic Masterpiece

  • "The shield-bearing horse of Illyria, at Chermula," or in Carmel, where

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • Palace, or perhaps even earlier -- was cleared away, the brick sides revealed, the bottom of the moat neatly turfed over, and a parapet with shield-bearing heraldical beasts erected on either side.

    Hampton Court

  • While these were tending Menelaos of the loud war-cry, the ranks of shield-bearing Trojans came on; so the Achaians donned their arms again, and bethought them of the fray.

    The Iliad

  • Him he found standing, and about him the stalwart ranks of the shield-bearing host that followed him from Trike, pasture land of horses.

    The Iliad

  • Lykaon's son found she, the noble and stalwart, standing, and about him the stalwart ranks of the shield-bearing host that followed him from the streams of Aisepos.

    The Iliad

  • But Hector kept where at first he had leaped within the walls and the gate, and broken the serried ranks of shield-bearing Danaans, even where were the ships of Aias and

    The Iliad

  • -- Comp.: un -, wîd-cûð. cûð-lîce, adv., _openly, publicly_: comp. nô her cûðlîcor cuman ongunnon lind-häbbende, _no shield-bearing men undertook more boldly to come hither_



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