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  • adj. Resembling a shield or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

shield +‎ -like


  • Strips of flower beds curved into a shieldlike shape.

    Enchanted Ivy

  • He tried to gather the sense of dark greenness, the shieldlike feeling that went with it, but his thoughts were like molasses in winter, like glue already hardening, and he could feel curtains of blue fire " so hot that his hair was crisping " flaming around him.


  • A second, deeper tone, joined the first, then a third, and the darkness flashed with sparks of light, as glowing black shieldlike globules rose from the Prophet's tent.

    Darksong Rising

  • There was a bright arc between his hands, then a shieldlike dome.

    Sign of Chaos

  • The gland, for some centuries, has borrowed its name from the cartilage it hugs and is therefore known as the thyroid gland even though there is nothing shieldlike about it.

    The Human Brain

  • The word "thyroid" is from a Greek term meaning "shieldlike," in reference to the large oblong shields carried by Homeric and pre-Homeric warriors which had a notch on top for the chin to rest upon.

    The Human Brain

  • The whole front of its head -- part of the eyes, and all the face -- was covered by a smooth, cleft, shieldlike mask, reaching well down under the breast, and giving the creature an expression both mysterious and terrible.

    The Watchers of the Trails A Book of Animal Life

  • A more recent fall invader is a true bug, a shieldlike creature called the brown marmorated stink bug.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories


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