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  • adj. superlative form of shifty: most shifty.


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  • The audience seemed to be having a hard time taking his wickedness seriously; his shiftiest moments elicited laughs.

    Dial R For Remake

  • During the 14 years that compounds like AIDSVax have been knocking around in labs, researchers have learned that gp 120 is the shiftiest part of the virus.

    Is Aids Forever?

  • A gigantic necklace of glowing jewels, the Pr/de was the biggest, fastest, shiftiest, most deadly ship ever to carry the colors of the Alban hopes of the Alban Empire.

    In Alien Hands

  • He was the shiftiest and in a defense game the cleverest, most cunning fighter I have ever seen.

    World’s Great Men of Color

  • As early as July, Maximilian, shiftiest and most impecunious of princes, concluded at Frankfort an independent treaty with France; who agreed to give up the places she occupied in Brittany if Henry were compelled to withdraw his garrisons; while there were signs that she might cede Roussillon and thus deprive

    England under the Tudors

  • He was known throughout the football world as one of the shiftiest runners of his day.

    Football Days Memories of the Game and of the Men behind the Ball

  • At that he was an adept, and not the shiftiest, craftiest schemes he had ever devised had given him a moment's uneasiness.

    Grain of Dust.

  • You're the shiftiest chef that ever juggled a fryin 'pan.

    Odd Numbers Being Further Chronicles of Shorty McCabe

  • The shiftiest campaigners that ever cracked the party whip had done their best and couldn't budge the count.

    Tattlings of a Retired Politician

  • We had needed capital for the getting of these very emeralds, and I had raised a hundred pounds, on the terms you would expect, from a soft-spoken graybeard with an ingratiating smile, an incessant bow, and the shiftiest old eyes that ever flew from rim to rim of a pair of spectacles.

    The Amateur Cracksman


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