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  • adv. While shimmering


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shimmering +‎ -ly


  • A king this impressive deserves an equally wonderful queen, and Kings has one in Once and Again's shimmeringly icy Susanna Thompson, whose cold control perfectly balances McShane's hot fury.

    Mishmash that is 'Kings' often overpowers an interesting idea

  • Yet did it quiver under the finger-tip caress in rhythmic vibrations that became whisperings and rustlings and mutterings of sound - but of sound so different; so elusively thin that it was shimmeringly sibilant; so mellow that it was maddening sweet, piping like an elfin horn, which last was just what Bassett decided would be like a peal from some bell of the gods reaching earthward from across space.


  • This is a chocolate-box beautiful, often shimmeringly colourful and always slightly surreal two-and-a - half hours taken from the epic play that tells the story of Yoshitsune, the 12th-century military commander who fell out with his older brother, Yoritomo.


  • More challenging, however, is the need to square Procopius's portrait of Theodora with the shimmeringly jewel-encrusted empress who would end up a saint of the Orthodox church.

    Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy

  • Some of these pieces, such as the shimmeringly elegant 1991 Le Défi, which is essentially a collection of different kinds of glass beakers and jugs, set in an electrically lit, open-faced blue cupboard, have the presence of furniture-like sculpture.

    Daring and Disturbing

  • For readers of the book, the film has lots to love -- the Xmas ball, the water scenes, Moaning Myrtle, and Emma Watson looking shimmeringly lovely, prompting illegal thoughts all around the globe.

    Harry Potter and the ongoing movies

  • The bottom of this was, of course, also glass, allowing the sunlight to continue down through the chlorinated water and dance shimmeringly around the lobby.

    Not the End of the World

  • A glittering, sparkling glow covered their bodies, shimmeringly outlined their shapes for a brief moment, and then slowly dwindled to nothingness.

    Vulcan’s Glory

  • Before I could issue another command, Frakir became shimmeringly visible in the act of uncoiling, crept across the back of my hand and wound about my ring finger.

    Trumps of Doom

  • She wasn't shimmeringly beautiful or vein-poundingly erotic.

    In Other Worlds


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