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  • adj. Resembling a ship or some aspect of a ship.


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ship +‎ -like


  • Van Lengen's unusual design for the library calls for a cantilevered, shiplike structure that seems to float above a concrete base.

    The New Face Of Berlin

  • There was a flash of something big and blue in the heavens above him, something that seemed vaguely shiplike in form and structure.

    Starfleet Year One

  • My skin crawled with a kind of religious horror as I recognized the shiplike shapes that our prisoners had warned us of.

    River God

  • That was Perce Rock, supposedly named by Champlain, a great shiplike mck that surveyed the Gulf of St. Lawrence like a beached whale.


  • The scanner showed only a few small logs floating to starboard, in con'trast to the thick cluster of shiplike shapes behind them.

    Voyage To The City Of The Dead

  • Our old house being designed and built with a shiplike compactness, there was but one room on the ground floor besides the kitchen and its offices.

    McClure's Magazine, Vol 31, No 2, June 1908

  • The room, seen by the lamplight, was shiplike, but as decidedly not shipshape.

    Cap'n Eri

  • The scant lares and penates were sufficient to explain something of this shiplike trimness of the housekeeping.

    A Hoosier Chronicle

  • Now I noticed a succession of loud cracks and snaps at the front of the house, and, from the character of the sounds, I concluded that my little front porch, which had been acting as a cutwater at the bow of my shiplike house, had yielded at last to the rough contact with the ground, and would probably soon be torn away.

    The Magic Egg and Other Stories

  • I was about to get up and light the lamp, for even the faintest candle-flame would be some sort of company at such a grewsome moment, when my bedstead gave another movement, more shiplike than before.

    The Magic Egg and Other Stories


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