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  • v. Present participle of shipwreck.


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  • If there is an outbreak of compulsive shipwrecking and someone said that the shipwreckers should be taught to stay away from ships, you would not accuse them of endangering lives because they did not consider it wise to encourage them to carry inflatables with them when puncturing the hull.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Did the concept of shipwrecking surprise you or did you already know about wrecks off the Cornish Coast?

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • “Integral” is a more sober term than “holistic,” more imbued with a sense of true inclusiveness, but nevertheless is in growing danger of shipwrecking itself on overly intellectual reefs, especially as it busies itself theorizing about its theorizing.

    Robert Masters: What Is Integral?

  • In 1830 going from Caracas to Bogota was just a major endeavor, fraught with all sorts of perils that included shipwrecking in the Caribbean, drowning in the Magdalena, banditry everywhere.

    In praise of parliamentary systems: how to get rid of Latin American messianic leaders

  • And now here he was, by all accounts, shipwrecking himself again, and on home ground, too.

    The Satanic Verses

  • He was in danger of shipwrecking on that fatal sunken reef to American character, popularity.

    Se-quo-yah; from Harper's New Monthly, V.41

  • It's all kivered over with water at high tide, but at half tide it begins to show its nose, an at low tide you see as pooty a shoal for shipwrecking as you may want; rayther low with pleasant jagged rocks at the nothe-east side, an about a hundred yards or so in extent.

    Lost in the Fog

  • For the sake of your pride, of your own personal feelings, you will let her go on with this marriage and never say a word and never move a finger to save her from shipwrecking her whole life.

    The Rhodesian

  • Their ideas, their desires, their intentions, their plans, are excellent; but the passage between the brain and the canvas, between the brain and the sheet of paper, is full of shipwrecking reefs, and the intentions of these men do not correspond in the least with their execution.

    Modern Painting

  • Wherever human beings collect there is always to be found somebody of interest, but when one's interest is centred in a lady, everybody else becomes an enemy; and I looked upon all these harmless spinsters as my enemies, and their proposals for excursions, and luncheons, and dinners caused me much misgiving, not only because they separated me from Doris, but because I felt that any incident, the proposed picnic, might prove a shipwrecking reef.

    Memoirs of My Dead Life


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